New Design Talent

September 5, 2012 | Author: ForceDesign

Force Design welcomes (2) “new” engineering team members!

Each have been here for some time (3-6 months) and recently uploaded their profiles to our Engineering Team page.  Check them out and see how they expand the existing design talent at Force Design Inc.


Daniel Markley is Force Design’s first i-generation designer-to-be and has quickly dispelled our stereotypes of his generation.  Daniel is a conscientious, hard working, quick learning, ask the right questions, “I want to understand it” kind of guy.  He manages his responsibilities as a high school senior and engineering co-op well and smiles while taking the ribbing associated with his position here.



Rick Vaughan has a valuable background of shop floor/machinist experience (14 years) as well as 2 years of design and SolidWorks experience.  Rick is a mechanically minded, motivated, adaptable and quick learning designer.  Rick’s desire to share knowledge of machining practices, his appreciation of design, and his desire to learn from more experienced engineers fits well into the FDI culture.

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