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About Force Design

Engineering Challenge

This is why we are engineers and designers; we love a challenge. Eyes light up when we hear, “Do you think you can design a machine to…”. We thrive on examining remarkable inventions, we watch the world around us and try to determine how and why it works the way it does, knowing there is an “Aha” moment waiting for us in each engineering challenge.


Skill is the developed, diligent component of design that brings together experience, training, talent, desire, and tools to deliver a quality product. Skill considers client requirements, user interface, reliability, materials, manufacturability, cost, function, and safety, and makes them all work together. Skill is hiring our employees carefully, recognizing their strengths, and pairing them with projects needing their expertise. Skill is showcased by craftsmanship and is satisfying to observe.


Ingenuity is the quality of being cleverly inventive or resourceful. We believe Wizardry in machine design includes an important element of creativity. There is an artistic quality working with the equations. We can calculate forces, select materials, and determine speeds; but beyond the formulas we are creating, we are looking for inventive solutions, we are brainstorming the “what if” and searching for the simpler, more perfect design.


Efficiency is the valued connector between Wizardry in design and cost value for our clients. Value is gained, not by sacrificing Wizardry for cost, but by maximizing design efficiency. Continuing education, technology implementation, workstation maintenance, client communication tools, design process development, tips and tricks sharing, design standards, and brainstorming are all important elements in this pursuit of efficiency. Our use of internal design metrics allows us to track efficiency on both designer and company levels and adjust our processes as we see opportunity.

Quality Control

A well-executed design process is more effective than debugging a machine. Quality control is integrated throughout our design process. From accurate transmission of client requests to our designers during Investigation—to brainstorming sessions during Innovation, multiple design reviews during Development, and complete client review and checking procedures during Refinement. Feedback from our clients during Completion and the results of our internal quality metrics are then incorporated into our continual improvement process allowing us to adjust our process and educate our designers.


Client and co-worker relationships built on honor and integrity are vital components of our culture and essential for the success of the company. Integrity is an exponent in our vision/mission equation because we realize everything we do at Force Design Inc. is amplified by the way in which we do it. The value of our Wizardry is highly dependent on; how truthful we are in our assessments of timelines, our ability to look beyond our client’s needs without disrespecting their decisions, our dedication to clearly communicating our intentions, honesty in pricing, responsiveness to concerns, a desire to exceed client expectations, and a commitment to providing a pleasant atmosphere for business.

Engineering Wizardry

Our company Vision. The “Aha” moment. The step beyond “it works” that gives our clients lasting satisfaction and separates us from our competitors.