100 Pump Project

July 28, 2014 | Author: ForceDesign

In the bustling world of business and commerce where the marketplace is inundated with opportunity, a type of immunity tends to arise as we filter the constant barrage of information, requisitions, and fresh ideas.  Occasionally, however, in the midst of the constant flow, a particular word or idea will slip through the filter to catch our attention.  We seek to be wise yet willing to jump on new boats that align with our company goals and values, not missing the chance to sail into new waters of originality and genius.  We will zero in on the snippet of information that appealed to us, throw out an anchor, and go exploring.

For Force Design, a small ministry by the name of Design Outreach, was one of those attention arresting ideas.  For the past few months, Force Design has partnered with Design Outreach to assist in the design of a new type of hand-powered water pump that is more reliable than conventional pumps.  Conventional pumps, usually only able to reach up to 150 feet, often run dry.  Design Outreach’s LifePump, on the other hand, can provide a conduit up to 350 feet deep into the earth to tap into life sustaining, clean water.

Most recently, a campaign called Hundred Pump Project has been launched through the partnership of Design Outreach and World Vision to raise enough funds to place 100 LifePumps throughout five different countries in Africa – Malawi, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Zambia.  Force Design has chosen to join this campaign to place these 100 pumps, by creating a website where business associates and private individuals can engage in this pilot project by donating funds. Our goal is $9,200 within 180 days. Our country is Malawi.

We hope your filter has flagged this idea as one worth further exploration.  If you would like to donate to our campaign, please stop by our page.  If you would like to assist in spreading the word, please take the liberty to share this blog post or a link to our campaign page.  Thank you for your partnership!

What is “Engineering Wizardry,” anyway?

August 1, 2013 | Author: ForceDesign

Vision statements are tough. But once you have one that resonates with your values and defines your aspirations, it keeps you focused and directs your activities.

A few years ago, when we sat down to decide on a vision statement, we wanted an expression that really captured what we believe in and where we’re going.  A statement that would speak to us—not something vague, generic, or hard to remember.

We landed on “Engineering Wizardry” and the phrase stuck. Since then, those two words have influenced everything we do here at Force, from how we make business decisions to who we bring on board.


What does engineering wizardry actually mean? To us, it consists of three main ingredients:

Technical Expertise. Technical expertise is skillful, creative, precise, and efficient.  We’d much rather execute a design correctly than debug a machine later. This is why we work hard to make sure our designs are functional, accurate and well presented.


Technical expertise is also creative. We know the best solution for a client isn’t always the one they’ve used in the past. We look beyond our client’s expectations so we can deliver the simplest, most effective solutions to their engineering challenges—not necessarily the most obvious ones.


An Excellent Team. It’s important to us to recruit people who mesh with our company culture: confident, but not arrogant; talented and inquisitive, but not afraid to share discoveries; focused and passionate, but able to laugh.  We then work hard to evaluate each individual’s talents so we can place them in a role where they can excel.


Because we believe everyone has knowledge to share, we train by mentorship.  Designers with specific skills are paired with designers growing in those skills and everyone wins.  We like to say that we’re geeks…but we’re friendly geeks. And when we combine our talents we conjure up better solutions for our clients than any of us could on our own.


Service. At the most basic level, our job is to add value to our clients’ lives.  Our clients must have peace of mind; they offload responsibility to us, trust our abilities, and benefit from our expertise.


We do this by communicating well, operating with integrity, and watching our clients’ backs. Our designers are the main point of contact with clients during the engineering process. This means timely feedback and precise answers for the client and an intimate understanding of client needs for the designer. We cultivate teamwork magic by assigning designers to projects fitting their unique skills and to clients they have previously worked with.


So no, engineering wizardry doesn’t mean we come to work in robes and pointed hats (although we’re not against the idea). But we do seek the “aha” moment—the creative spark in everything we do.


If you ask us, that’s a vision worth striving for.

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New Design Talent

September 5, 2012 | Author: ForceDesign

Force Design welcomes (2) “new” engineering team members!

Each have been here for some time (3-6 months) and recently uploaded their profiles to our Engineering Team page.  Check them out and see how they expand the existing design talent at Force Design Inc.


Daniel Markley is Force Design’s first i-generation designer-to-be and has quickly dispelled our stereotypes of his generation.  Daniel is a conscientious, hard working, quick learning, ask the right questions, “I want to understand it” kind of guy.  He manages his responsibilities as a high school senior and engineering co-op well and smiles while taking the ribbing associated with his position here.



Rick Vaughan has a valuable background of shop floor/machinist experience (14 years) as well as 2 years of design and SolidWorks experience.  Rick is a mechanically minded, motivated, adaptable and quick learning designer.  Rick’s desire to share knowledge of machining practices, his appreciation of design, and his desire to learn from more experienced engineers fits well into the FDI culture.

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Site Launch

April 19, 2012 | Author: ForceDesign

Thanks to Atomic Interactive, the last four months has produced a new face to the web for Force Design Inc.


We started this site-redesign with a variety of goals:

  • WizardryShowcasing of machine designs.
  • VisionWho we are, our vision for machine design and the process we use to accomplish this vision.
  • SEO – Happy Google = good rankings.
  • News – Force Design happenings that could be of interest to our clients.
  • Sharing - File transfer, SolidWorks tips, machine design concepts, new technologies.


I believe this site performs these functions, is clearly representative of Force Design, is simple, easy to navigate and looks pretty cool.  Therefore, we are satisfied. Enjoy the site.

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