Investigation Innovation Design Refinement Completion

Engineering Process


At the beginning of a project we familiarize ourselves with the parameters of the project and identify the challenges faced. We determine processes, variables, design restraints, environment, output requirements, and critical constraints of the job. We explore the clients’ design preferences and individual peculiarities in order to tailor the project to their exact specifications.


Once a clear understanding of the project parameters has been established we begin brainstorming solutions. We use the ingenuity of multiple designers to evaluate challenges, devise solutions, anticipate problems, and solidify the feasibility of a solution. By the end of this stage we should have a vision for the final product.


In this stage the vision is given credibility. The designer’s skill and efficiency are put into action. The entire design is developed into parametric 3D solids, specific challenges are addressed, and the model presented as a workable solution.


Refinement is working out the final details of the design. The engineering package is completed with assemblies, details, and BOM’s then sent through a rigorous checking procedure. Quality control and client satisfaction are the goals of this stage. Upon completion, the design is ready for manufacturing.


We support the project through implementation. Our role in this stage is determined by our client’s requirements. For clients managing their own build process, we offer design support during fabrication and run-off. For clients needing a turnkey machine, we partner with local machine builders to offer this service. After final implementation we request feedback from our client, update the design package with as-built changes, review our internal quality and efficiency metrics, and incorporate our findings into our continual improvement process.