Jim Swallow

Years in the industry:22 Specializations:Process oriented optimization and project flow through team building, focusing on interpersonal dynamics and individual aptitudes. Driving change where it is needed based on data while uplifting the things that already work well within the process. Formally trained military leadership with practical experience to put it to good use. Fun fact:I […]

Eli Townsend

Years in the industry:9 Specializations:Robot integration, PLC and HMI programming Fun fact:I spend my free time at the Grimes airport building a B17 and flying airplanes.

Tony Taylor

Years in the industry:13 Specializations:PLC and HMI programming and robot integration Fun fact:I am a very competitive gamer.

Lincoln Rapp

Years in the industry:8 Specializations:Versatility Fun fact:I will receive my high school diploma and associate’s degree in the same year.

Sarah Boone

Years in the industry:16 Specializations:Office Management Fun fact:I drive people crazy trying to get the best deal.

Burke Flora

Years in the industry:10 Specializations:The ability to learn and adapt to new processes and concepts, SolidWorks, and machine design for a variety of applications – specifically mold processes, weld tooling, and pick-and-place assembly machines. Fun fact:If you need a body shop around here – I know of a couple…It is just a good day when I […]

Ty Blackford

Years in the industry:25 Specializations:Special machines, product development, mentoring young designers, and progressive dies Fun fact:I love telling fun, yet true stories. Which reminds me of the time I was at the Lockington Dam with a life-size hillbilly mannequin…

Stan Grile

Years in the industry:37 Specializations:Machine controls, hardware & software, robot integration, and programming Fun fact:My grandkids think I’m allergic to fun.

John Frantz

Years in the industry: 33 Specializations:Innovation. Thoroughness. Excellence in all phases of the design process. Fun fact:I can raise my left eyebrow but not my right.