Denver Smith

Years in the industry: 13 Specializations:Automation equipment, assembly machines, and weld fixtures Fun fact:Legos, clocks, and peanut butter & jelly are my inspirations.

Daniel Markley

Years in the industry: 12 Specializations:Learning from those more experienced than myself, problem solving, and performing tasks completely and correctly. Fun fact:I can touch my nose with my tongue.

Stephen Layman

Years in the industry: 28 Specializations:Process development, concept development, automation design, and quality systems Fun fact:I have an unusual fascination with notebooks and pencils.

Mark Miller

Years in the industry: 29 Specializations:I promote excellence in engineering by exploring every “what if,” by acting as a sounding board, and through technical writing. Fun fact:I love word-play with other witty office wordsmiths! We create some good puns, poems, and punchlines.

Jason Angle

Years in the industry: 26 Specializations:Building relationships and the configuration of specialized automated solutions. Fun fact:I like a well-maintained GREEN lawn. My family might say I’m a bit obsessed.

Pete Rapp

Years in the industry: 28 Specializations:Coordinating internal and external resources Fun fact:I like to collect sap and make maple syrup.

Seth Angle

Years in the industry: 28 Specializations: Business management – focusing on vision, leadership, strategy, culture, education, and leading positive change Fun fact: Once upon a time a long, long time ago, I was a {terrible} Kirby sweeper salesman.